BCS: two complements that share the same preposition

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  1. Bresca Senior Member

    Dear foreros, another doubt related to declensions.

    If I translate from my language (that has no declensions at all), I'm tempted to write sentences like "on je slikar po zanimanjuSTR i danACC " trying to translate "he is painter by trade and during the day". Thinking in Catalan, it works only when the verb is common to both complements and, only when I want to remark the second complement, I'd repeat the preposition (he is painter by trade and only during the day!).

    When prepositions take differents cases, are to be repeated before each complement?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Evermind New Member

    This sentence "he is painter by trade and during the day" has the same verb in English (to be), but in Serbian two different verbs would have to be used "be a painter by trade" and "work during the day". The translation would be "On je slikar po zanimanju i radi danju". I'm not sure about your question on the prepositions, perhaps you were referring to the preposition "po", in the sense "po zanimanju" and "po danu", the latter being synonymous to "danju". If this was your question, then the answer is that you'd have to repeat the preposition, though it would be more common to say "danju" in this sentence, rather than "po danu".
    Hope I've helped.
  3. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    The phenomenon where the same word is (ab)used as head in two different roles is called syllepsis. Joel Stickley has some quite funny ones on his Write badly well log ("Joe Stockley was in an expensive sports car and deep trouble" :D); see also the Language Log.

    I suppose it is harder to achieve one in BCS than in English, but your example strikes me as one:

    On je slikar po zanimanju i danu.

    sounds just... hilarious, like the Stickley's examples. Even if you insert a second: "po zanimanju i po danu", it is still funny. As Evermind said, "...radi danju" would be the natural way out of it.
  4. Bresca Senior Member

    OK: hilarious, funny...let's forget it!


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