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    zinat is not a word in BCS, "inat" is, and it means "spite, caprice."

    So the sentence above should be written "i neću sad iz inata," (and now I will not, out of spite"). It is very common in BCS to use "u inat" (in spite) as well, rather than "iz inata" (out of spite). Eventually, in some crevices of the region you can hear "u zinat," which is incorrect but cute in a folkloric way.
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    Bayern, D
    Hvala ti na pomoći.
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    ne na bugarskom ; )
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    ìnāt/ìnād = prkos, tvrdoglavost, upornost itd. je turcizam iz tur. inat, a to iz arab. 'inād.
    «Od inata nema goreg zanata» (Vuk, Posl.)

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