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  1. pipislav New Member

    Hi all, first of all I introduce myself. I am Italian, and for reasons of love, I got in touch and fell in love with the BCS language (as I believe I should call it here).
    so I am actively trying to learn, despite the linguistic confusion (my ex-girlfriend was a Croat from Rijeka, my girlfriend now is a Muslim from BanjaLuka, and my friend and teacher a Serb from Knin...so the influences are quite mixed up).

    Anyway. Being from Veneto region, I was completely fascinated by the čakavian dialect my ex-GF's grandmother spoke. Grammatically very tough for me (I am trying to learn standard štokaavian and cannot "overcomplicate"), but lexically very Venetian.

    In some cases (and here is the most interesting question), words that have almost disappeared from my dialect, or have only survived in Venice city itself, are amazingly conserved in (vernaculat) croatian.

    špigete=shoe-strings is used (as far ass I know) in Kvarner (Rijeka-Cres-...) and Venice itself (without the š, of course). In Padova, where I live (40km from Venice) is totaly unknown.
    same for škafa=a big washbasin.
    škovacera=dustpan (in Venetian scoasse=rubbish).

    Normally most of these words relate to house/kitchen equipment (pjat,šugaman,pirun(which seems to extend down to Albanian aand Greek)).

    Can any Istrian/Kvarnerin/Dalmatian here help me list such vocabulary and trace their extent (do they concentrate, as I think, in larger towns and Adriatic islands where most Italians used to live?)
  2. pipislav New Member

    I was also looking for words where the influence goes the other way round (east to west, so to speak), though it is maybe OT in this section.
    A nice one that comes into my mind is GREBANI, which in my dialect (not in Italian) means a rocky and remote mountain area, and should come from slovenian/croatian GREBEN.
  3. DarkChild Senior Member

    Regarding your second post, greben in Bulgarian means comb, but also it's used for the highest point of a mountain chain, like the hump of a mountain, if you could say that.
  4. Ana-Marija Member

    Zagreb, Croatia
    I am originally from Dubrovnik (south) and we use the same words - špigeta and škavacjera (dustpan) :)
  5. itreius Senior Member

    There's Istarski rječnik which lists lots of regional Istrian words (many of them coming from Venetian).
  6. ucionica New Member

    Hi pipislav,
    maybe you will be happy to learn that in Trieste (where I live), these are all common terms: spighete, scovaze, scafa ...
    As far as "piron" is concerned, it comes from greek "πιρούνι" (piruni) fork, in its turn coming from the verb "πιράζω" (pirazo), literally "pick". Venetians and greeks ... "una faccia una razza" !
    Veliki zagrljaj

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