Be after for something

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  1. Sherlockat

    Sherlockat Senior Member

    Castilian (Patagonian)
    Hi guys!

    Context: Someone is selling sth. One of the interested parties (potential buyers) asked: "what is he after for it?"

    I can't understand the function of "be after for"...
    Could you please help me with the meaning?

  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    There seem to be two independent prepositional phrases at work here. Can you give the surrounding text?
  3. Lis48

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    York, England
    English - British
    It is used in the UK to mean: How much money does he want for it?
    To be after something is to be in pursuit for / to want.
    I would use the expression for example:
    Oh is he selling his house? Do you know what he is after for it? He is after €500,000 but he won´t get it!
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  4. Sherlockat

    Sherlockat Senior Member

    Castilian (Patagonian) it makes sense..
    I tried many English-English dictionaries with no success..I think it's a very particular PHV for Aussies and Brits.

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