Be and become


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.I want to become an astronaut
I wonder
Is there a difference if I say
I want to be an astronaut
  • Before you become something, you can use either verb. The point is that becoming something is a single action, and being something is the state that it brings about.
    Yes, you are correct, and it also works as a linking verb
    They became best friends," the word became links the subject (they) with information...
    Is that right?

    Thanks for your answer I .understand your point of view.
    I want to become an astronaut
    I want to be an astronaut
    To become indicates a [process of] change - from something to something else: you are now a bus driver, but you want to change into being an astronaut.

    The sun shone and the ice became water / As he got older, he became forgetful

    To be ignores any change and describes a state -> The ice is now water. He is forgetful.
    A small child would normally say "I want to be an astronaut (when I grow up)".

    I think "I want to become an astronaut" would require special context. I can imagine a test pilot saying it.