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    Is it right that "be arranged from" is only used in the sentence whose object is works for music?

    For instance, the symphony is arranged from Swan Lake of Tchaikovsky(这首交响乐改编自柴可夫斯基的《天鹅湖》).

    We must put a musical composition as this sentence' object after preposition "from" rather than novel or others.

    当be arranged from翻译为改编时,后面只能接音乐作品吗? 百度、必应和谷歌搜索的结果中,from后面全部都是音乐作品。
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    Yes, the name of the music composition should follow "arranged from", and the name of the musician should follow "arranged by".
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    That's right. But I think “be adapted from" is more popular.
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    "Arranged by" is commonly seen in the context of music. Consider the word "arrange" here as part of the specialist terminology.

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