be blocking the way?

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Would you say "you are blocking the way" if someone, big or small, got in the way between you and the TV screen for example, preventing you from watching or especially making you miss an interesting scene?

I could say "get out of the way", or "you are in the way" but I want them to know what I'm missing when they stand or get in between.
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  • PaulQ

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    1- You're blocking the TV
    2- You're blocking my view
    3- You're blocking the view

    All are OK, I like 2 & 3 better.


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    I think I would say, "I can't see; you're in my way."
    I would've thought I'd use "you're in my way" if I'm trying to get through while someone is in my way. However, saying I can't see, gives it context.

    Thank Packard 'n' PaulQ
    I think I'll use "You're blocking the TV"
    & "I can't see, you're in my way"
    or even "I can't see, you're blocking the TV"; variety is the spice of life.
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