be buried <from the church> of

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Quote: Like Grippes, she will be buried from the church of Notre Dame des Champs.

Question: Was it inside the church?

Source: In Plain Sight, by Mavis Gallant, a short story from her collection ‘Paris Stories’, which you can find in Google Books by the title Paris Stories. (Paragraph 1 from bottom, Page 331)

Thanks to whoever can help!
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    My understanding of this phrase is that the funeral service will be held at this chuch, and the funeral procession will proceed from the church to the cemetery where she will be buried. We are not told in this sentence where she will be buried (although from this church the usual location would be the nearby Montparnasse cemetery).


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    Her funeral service will be held at Notre Dame des Champs. When it's finished, she'll be taken elsewhere and buried. (The 'elsewhere' might be no further than the graveyard immediately outside Notre Dame des Champs ~ or it might be a municipal cemetery on the other side of town.)
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