Be caked in makeup


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What it means to be caked in makeup?

I saw it here:

There is only one rule to feminism, which is that women have to be equal to men. And other than that, there's no other rule. Women, you can be out there now, you can be wearing your high heels, you can have your blonde hair, you can be caked in makeup, you can be driving around in a pink car with those false eyelashes stuck to the headlights that makes it looks like a child or Hello Kitty.

Thanks in advance.
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    you can be caked in makeup -> You may be wearing far too much makeup.

    To be caked in something = To encrust or cover thickly with; to be covered in an excessive amount of something: "He had been working in the garden and came into the house caked in mud." (Usually disparaging or derogatory.)
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