be careful with your clothes


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Your child is drinking some fruit juice and you are afraid she could spill the juice all over her new white shirt.
Could you say: Be careful with you shirt when drinking the juice.

  • I would say: be careful not to spill juice on your shirt, because the child should be careful with the drink and not with the shirt - you know what I mean
    "Mind you don't spill juice on your shirt"

    "Be careful you don't spill your juice down your shirt"

    - spilling things down oneself is a common phrase, as 'down' is ultimately the direction in which the liquid goes!

    Eg. "Oh blast it! I've spilt red wine all down my nice new shirt!"
    I think it might be okay to say Be careful with your shirt when drinking the juice... if you're just starting to pour the juice for the child. But no matter how it's said, I agree that some mention should be made of the juice not spilling on the shirt since the "shirt" itself is what the speaker is concerned with at this time (as opposed to it spilling on the table, floor, etc.).

    Just a thought!