BE cot = AE crib?


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The phrase that I hear 73 times a week, though, is "he's throwing his toys out of the pram [again]" or "he's throwing his toys out of the cot [again]" . In other words, as ewie says, "he's having another childish tantrum".
To me, this is a cot. This baby bed is a crib. Which sort of bed do you BE speakers have in mind when reading Loob's post?
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    Yes, a box-like baby's bed with slatted wooden sides is a cot in BrE. Sometimes, you also get the phrase baby cot. I associate crib with the place where Jesus was laid in the manger scene.


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    You could spend at least 73 hours in the coming week reviewing the words that are different between American and British English - crib and cot are under c in this wiki list. It's a good place to search if you suspect a BE/AE difference in usage/meaning. It confirms the comments above from the AE and BE members:eek:
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    Yes, but just to complete the comparison in the WR dictionary, which does not make any distinction in its four definitions:

    AE cot = the #2 definition in our dictionary - a collapsible or portable bed.

    Nothing to do with babies… it's all about camping.


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    Oxford Dictionaries does a better job, I think:

    Pronunciation: /kɒt/
    • a small bed with high barred sides for a baby or very young child.
    • a plain narrow bed.
    • North American a camp bed.
    • Nautical a bed resembling a hammock hung from deck beams, formerly used by officers.
    Origin: mid 17th century (originally Anglo-Indian, denoting a light bedstead): from Hindi khāṭ 'bedstead, hammock'
    The second sense (narrow bed) is still available in BrE, but isn't common. Also, AmE crib death = BrE ​cot death
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