Be dead on one's ass


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The sentence is:

" I will be dead on your ass as Spencer for fucking hire!! "

Any good translation for the idiom " be dead on your ass"?

My firts guess is " Te estaré comiendo el culo como el puto Spencer, detective privado",
but, as you might know, "comer-le el culo a alguien" might have some sexual connotations
which wouldn't suit the context of the movie I am translating this sentence for, at all.

Thanks a lot beforehand to all of you :D :D :D
  • WillieTheSkimo

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    Español - Català
    Hey, jedi!
    Thanks a lot!!! (again :D)

    Yes, well. I think that the "standard" translation for it, as you said, in this " perseguir"-sense, would be
    " Voy ir detrás tuyo como (x)", but I was looking for a more attractive, informal, even "slanguish" way to say in spanish.

    Maybe it doesnt exist...


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    Maybe another native Spanish speaker can help you come up with a better way to say it in Spanish. But if it helps, another similar way to say it in English is "come after you" or "go after you".
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