be drawn through her mouth

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    I was reading some lyrics and I read this one that I don´t know how to translate be drawn

    Abigail must be nailed to her coffin
    with 7 silver spikes,
    1 through each arm, hand and knee,
    and let the last of the 7 be drawn through her mouth
    so that she may never rise and cause evil again

    Abigail debe de ser clavada a su ataúd
    con 7 puntas de plata.
    Uno a través de cada brazo, mano y rodilla
    Y dejar el último de los siete sea introducido por su boda
    para que jamás pueda levantarse y volver a causar el mal

    I know that drawn doesn´t mean introducir/meter, but it´s the only thing I can thing about by the context.

    Thanks for your help

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    Difficult as it has many meanings. I found this which I hope will help.
    1. tug, tow. Draw, drag, haul, pull imply causing movement of an object toward one by exerting force upon it. To draw is to move by a force, in the direction from which the force is exerted: A magnet draws iron to it. To drag is to draw with the force necessary to overcome friction between the object drawn and the surface on which it rests: to drag a sled to the top of a hill. To haul is to transport a heavy object slowly by mechanical force or with sustained effort: to haul a large boat across a portage. To pull is to draw or tug, exerting varying amounts of force according to the effort needed: to pull out an eyelash; to pull fighting dogs apart. Unabridged
    Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013.
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    What a difficult one!!. I have tried to find it somewhere else. And I think in this case means to inhale. I can´t think another meaning. So perhaps it´s as follow:

    Y dejar el último de los siete sea inhalado por su boca.

    Although Abigail is dead, I guess it´s the better option.

    thanks Klystron29

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