"Be Erasmus" in Nordic languages (temporarily closed for moderation)

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Hey! I would like to know how to translate "be erasmus" in nordic languages: islandic,norwegian, swedish and danish. Can anyone help me?
  • It's for an advetisment. I want people to participate in this programme. It's a motivation sentence, like: "come on! do it! Join erasmus"!
    Do you want "Be Erasmus" literally translated? Then you would say "Var Erasmus" in Swedish, but it doesn't really make sense... You could say "Gå med i Erasmus nu!" which means "Join Erasmus now!"
    sounds good in Swedish as well.

    In Norwegian that would correspond to: "Bli med i Erasmus".

    One might aslo say, as Bicontinental's suggestion in Dansih: "Vær med Erasmus". However in Norwegian, there is a distinction between "bli" and "være". "Bli" expresses a change, in this case if you are not in Erasmus, join. Være express a conitunation, in this case, if you are already involved in Erasmus, keep on. I became aware of this when I learnt German in school, they have the same with "bleiben" and "sein". Therefore I would assume this is the case in Danish too? How about Swedish?
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