'Be good at something' Vs 'do something well'

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  • scrotgrot

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    Doing something well usually refers to a single event, while being good at something is usually an ongoing talent.

    He is good at soccer. He played well last week.


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    I think that they're almost the same like for instance red and redness. I do agree with sctogrot that one is mostly about and single event and the other is about usually an ongoing talant.


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    They can be totally separate concepts. As nearly always, it depends upon context.

    For example, Brazil's Ronaldo, was quite good at soccer, but totally screwed up the FIFA World Cup finals in 1998 when Brazil lost to France.

    (That's a colloquial way of saying he did not play well.)


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    No, "doing something well" doesn't necessarily refer to a single event unless it, well, refers to a single event. "He played well last week" does refer only to last week's game(s). But the statement "he plays soccer well" is exactly the same as saying "he's good at soccer", both meaning that he is, in general, a capable player.
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