1. Snuffleupagus Senior Member

    La Rochelle - France
    english-great britain, sinhala
    'Soit heureux avec/de ce que tu as'
    be Happy with what you have.

    I wanted to know when you have a verb + with in english, when translating it to french, would you (by rule of thumb) use 'avec' or 'de'.
    L’emploi d’"avec" me sonne un peu bizarre en français..
  2. melu85 Senior Member

    In my opinion, the use of "avec" would be understood though cluncky. "De" is the correct preposition.
  3. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Just for completeness...

    The verb (to be, être) doesn't control what preposition you use. It's the adjective that counts, and the object of the preposition. This is true in English, and also in French. It is hard to make a general rule for translating the English preposition into French. Compare:

    happy with someone
    happy about something
    --> content de + qqn, qqch.


    angry with someone
    --> fâché contre (avec) qqn

    angry about something
    --> fâché de (avec) qqch


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