be in vs be around

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What's more likely in AE? "Hello, is X around" ""Hello, is X in?" -> I'd like to talk to her. "I'm sorry x is not in today!" or "I'm sorry x is not around today"

Is there a difference or are they just synonyms?
  • kitenok

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    Hi SwissJ,
    In a casual conversation on the phone with a friend, I wouldn't be surprised to hear:
    Hey, is SwissJ around?
    No, he's not here. Haven't seen him all day in fact.

    In a formal or business-related conversation, "in" would be normal:
    Hello, is Mr. SwissJeremy in?
    No, he's not in today. May I take a message?

    So "to be around" and "to be in" mean similar things, as you seem to suspect, but they would be used in very different situations.
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