be insistent upon you staying

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“In all fairness,” Esme noted, “you haven’t given any of us much of a chance to spend time with you lately. I, for one, treasure your company very much. I wouldn’t have been so insistent upon you staying with the family had I not enjoyed having you here.”
This is from a fanfic of S.Meyer's Twilight (The Lion and The Lamb - Alphie). Esme is the mother of the teller (I).
I do not understand the bold sentence clearly. I know it's a conditional sentence, but could you explain the meaning of this?
I'm confused with the phrase "be insistent upon you... enjoy having you".
Thank you very much.
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    To say it another way: "I wouldn't have insisted you stay with the family if...."

    "To insist" means you really want the person to do something.

    For example:

    A: "Why don't you have dinner with our family"
    B: "Oh, no, I couldn't. I wouldn't want to be a bother."
    A: "Nonsense! It wouldn't be any trouble at all. It would be my pleasure. I insist."
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