be lorded over somebody


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does somebody know if it is correct that idiom? is it the same as " to look down on somebody"?
"mirar por encima del hombro"
Por lo que tengo entendido es una expresión un poco "old-fashioned"...
  • jinti

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    The phrase is to lord it over somebody/someone.

    From Merriam-Webster:

    lord, intransitive verb
    : to act like a lord; especially : to put on airs -- usually used with it <lords it over his friends>

    It's something like tener aires de superioridad.


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    gracias a todos...
    y cómo puedes poner la frase en pasiva? por ejemplo.

    I was lorded over Pepe (es decir, Pepe actuó con aires de superioridad respecto a mi).

    muchas gracias
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