be my guest vs be my friend

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Chinese - Mandarin
Could any native speaker kindly tell me whether "be my friend" can be used in a context of "Could I have one more apple?" "Be my friend." ?

I understand that "Be my guest" can be used here to mean something like "help yourself", but someone says "Be my friend" can be OK, too. Is that true? Or could I answer "yes, you could" instead?

Many thanks.
  • There is another close set expression, however, "Be a friend/pal and...(do something for me)" and you can use it with people you don't know, or an actual friend. You don't use "my." It's an imperative.

    "Be a friend and give me one more apple."

    "Be a friend and get me another drink, would you?" (If you say that to someone who is already your friend, the nuance is playful and teasing, meaning sort of "be a real friend for a change, instead of the way you really are.):D
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