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Hi, Can the phrase "Be my guest" have another meaning other than "Go ahead", or "Do as you wish"?
For example, could it mean that I will buy/treat you food/meal in the following dialogue:
A: You look awful today. What happened?
B: I was blamed by my boss yesterday for something that was not my fault.
A: Don't make yourself so miserable. Let's go have a bite and just be my guest!

Thank you.
  • keramus

    Senior Member
    You mentioned the metaphorical use.
    So according to what you said, what would a native speaker suggest?
    For example:
    I and my friend go to a tavern. Then, he says:
    I left my wallet at home.
    What should I say in this situation instead of be my guest?
    (I want to say: Don't worry, I'll pay for the drinks.)

    Thank you.
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