Be my guest!!!


I understand the phrase in the many meanings it´s used, but I'm still not a hundred percent sure of when to use it, any suggestions, by the way, i think it's more used in AE, am I right?
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    This is used in BE. Is it common? Well, perhaps not exactly common, but I think anyone would be familiar with it.

    "I'd like to have one more look round. By myself this time."
    "Of course. Be my guest."

    "Will you be here?" Maxim asked.
    "For a while --; if George doesn't mind."
    "Be my guest."

    The Prince nodded briskly and looked round.
    "Be my guest, Master Corbett. In an hour I will meet you in the scriptorium."

    ... the big man muttered, and bent over the child. "May I?"
    "Be my guest," Ben said, and stood back out of the way while Andrew examined him gently but thoroughly.


    the meaning i get is; go ahead, don't hesitate, of course, in overall agreeing in what the other person said.

    Correct that agreeing in if necessary!



    American English
    In addition to all above mentioned uses, it can also be used:
    "I would like you to be my guest for dinner tonight"
    Meaning you would like to take the person out for (pay for) dinner.

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    Australian Australia
    'Be my guest' means that the person should act as though they are an actual guest of the speaker.
    To be a guest is to treat the speaker's home or belongings as though you own them.



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    Although the expression "be my guest" is liable to be interpreted literally by some, in vernacular English in the US, it is almost exclusively used in its figurative meaning to show agreement with the other party. Thus, in order to make one's visitors (i.e. guests) feel welcome at one's house, one may say "Make yourself/yourselves comfortable" or "Make yourself/selves at home." The Spanish phrase "Mi casa e su casa" is also frequently used, especially in areas with large Hispanic population (e.g. Florida, Texas, California, New York, etc.)



    thanks to all of you who replied, I know the literal meaning of the word (0r phrase), I just wanted to know more examples.

    Tjanks panjudram.

    By the way how would a equivalet expression would be in BE


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    mirx said:
    ...more examples...
    Context : Aliens by J. Cameron
    Ripley : Hi. I feel like a kind of fifth wheel around here. Is there anything I can do?
    (Sergeant) Apone : I don't know. Is there anything you can do?
    Ripley: Well, I can drive that loader. I have a Class 2 rating.
    (Apone & Hicks exchange a skeptical glance, considering).
    Apone: Be my guest.
    Subtle mixture of irony and skepticism.
    Basically, I think of be my guest as an emphasized please do.


    Context : Aliens by J. Cameron

    Subtle mixture of irony and skepticism.
    Basically, I think of be my guest as an emphasized please do.

    You just hit the nail on the head, that´s exaclty the meaning I was looking for, though it can sometimes be used as a way of challange.

    but well you already said it "a mixture of irony and courtesy"

    was it that? oh i Remember now eskepticism


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    I am inviting a friend in another city to my city, I said I would take care of the accommodation (Things to eat and place to live) if she came:

    Be my guest!

    Is it natural?

    Thanks a lot
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