Be nice!

  • Sidd

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    ¡Compórtate!, ¡Pórtate bien!,
    it depends on who are you talking to. Is him like a boyfriend or is him a child?


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    Laura22 said:
    "Him" is a male friend. Portate bien, se bueno, or comportate....which one is most appropriate? Gracias!
    "Sé bueno" could be fine if he was 7 years old... :D

    You can say:

    - "compórtate"
    - "sé agradable"
    - "intenta ser simpático"
    - "no me dejes en evidencia"/"no me avergüences" ("don't embarrass me")


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    I would use "compórtate" as a rule.

    However I've heard women telling off their boyfriends and saying "Sé bueno", but, you know, with the corny child role couples use :D :D :D :D
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