be on the lookout for

sun 94

What is the exact meaning of ' be on the lookout for' and how can I use it? Can I say as follows?

Korean people are on the lookout for any mews report /or clues that can explain what caused the Naval ship to sink last weekend.
  • Harry Batt

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    The expression has two exact meanings. A's assignment is to look for blond children and B, his boss, tells him, "While you are searching, also be on the lookout for bald lions." Or,
    A's assignment is given to him once he is at his post and adjusts his binoculars. Tonight he has the assignment to be on the lookout for bald lions.


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    Do you mean it has the same meaning as ' search' or ' watch'?
    It can have that meaning. That's the second of Harry Batt's definitions (I think), search or watch for bald lions.

    It can also be rather less direct, as in his first example. While you are really searching or watching for blond children, please pay attention to any bald lions you see.
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