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For the pilot who is going to fly, someone said: Be on the pad. What does that mean?

Edit: the context is: the Colonel wanted to check Murphy fly tomorrow so he said to him: Be on the pad, 12 sharp.
This is from movie Blue Thunder. Murphy is a police helicopter pilot.

Thank you.
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    Absolutely. My first reading of the subject line "be on the pad" brought to mind police being paid off for looking the other way. There was a list of police that had to be paid off, and if you were "on the pad" you received a portion of that collected money.

    So, yes, context is all important. Especially since Blue Thunder was a police movie as well as featuring helicopters.

    Note: I should have been responding to GreenWhiteBlue with this post. My error, but my heart was in the right place.:)


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    It's also called a landing pad. Pad is the short form of that, too.

    They're usually a square and/or circle. Here's one on top of a high-rise building.
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