be on the poise


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Could you help me understand the following expression : "be on the poise"

I heard it in a video, I'm not sure the words are the right ones, but that's what I understood.

It is in the following sentence : You want to be the go-to girl. I want you to be available, ready, on the poise, ready to do just about anything. If someone has a question, if someone needs something done, you need to be the one who is willing to do it.

Could it mean "I want you to be reliable ?"

Thanks a lot for your help
  • WyomingSue

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    I've never heard "on the poise," but one meaning of "poised" is this from the WR dictionary: 3 (be poised to do something) be ready and prepared to do something. All the things in the phrase: go-to, available, ready ... mean that the speaker wants the hearer to be ready to do things. Something is reliable when I can trust that it will be done correctly. My two-year-old might be always available to help with the laundry, but that doesn't mean I could rely on her to do it right!
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