be paraded

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The horse was paraded. The man hesitated. The woman shut her eyes in a gesture of assent. A troop of riders came up from the country road. They all greeted each other.

From Franz Kafka as a Pictorial Artist

What does 'was paraded' mean in the above context? Does it mean that someone was walking with the horse?
Please help. Thank you.
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    It probably means that but there may be a further nuance.

    Is the phrase translated from Kafka's own words?

    I can't find that book. Who is the author? Who is the publisher?


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    "The horse was paraded" suggests that the horse was being presented to an audience and of course someone is leading the horse :)


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    I agree with Luvenia_Greene but if you really want to know I suggest you go on the German-English forum and ask about the original German text.


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    I'm not sure. I can't really tell. But thank you all!
    I found the German text, and the picture, and I started a thread about it in the German forum.



    It seems like "paraded" can mean both that the person was on the carriage, or on horse, or walking beside the horse.

    The sketch seems to indicate that the carriage driver was on the carriage, guiding the horse, but that could mean that he was parading the horse for show, to others.

    Remember: This is art! :)
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