be proud for vs be proud of


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Is this sentence grammatically correct: We should be proud for our country.

I personally sense that "be proud of" is better here, so I got so confused when I saw similar sentence as above in China Daily, is "be proud for" grammatically correct and commonly used?
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    Hello lightheart,
    No, the sentence is not commonly used but it is not grammatically wrong.

    A quick google search will provide some examples of how "be proud for" can be used.
    For example, "Mr. Jones is too proud for this line of work."
    Then again, it is not all too common.

    (This is strictly personal, but I do notice a very, very subtle nuance.
    When using the more commonly used "be proud of," I'd say its emphasis is more on the speaker him/herself, who is feeling the sentiment.
    "Be proud for" seems to put that very emphasis more on the receiving end of that sentiment. Maybe that's the preposition "for" doing the trick.)
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