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  1. DerDrache Banned

    Montréal, QC
    I'm curious, what are the equivalents of "Be quiet(,please)", "Shut up!" and "Shut the hell up" (or the f-word variety) in Russian, and what is their cultural usage?

    I ask because these phrases don't always translate well between languages and cultures. For instance, French students of English often think that "Shut up" is a translation of "Ta gueule", although "Ta gueule" is as rude/inappropriate as "Shut the hell up". In English (or America, at least), "Shut up" is actually just a sterner way of saying "Be quiet", but it's not particularly offensive (though definitely not polite, of course).

    Anyways, what would be the equivalent of these various English phrases in Russian, and what would be some advice on usage? (IE. usage, as in: if you want a friend to be quiet so you can hear something, you usually don't say "Shut the f- up". :p)

  2. Crescent

    Crescent Senior Member

    Russian, (Ukraine)
    Hello, DerDrache! :)

    Well, the most common (and polite) way of saying ''Be quiet'' gently to a friend, when you're trying to get a word in, is:
    Помолчи, пожалуйста = Be quiet, please. (the please of course makes it even softer)
    You could also put a slight variation to that and say: Замолчи, пожалуйстa. Unfortunately the difference between these two is so subtle that I cannot think of how else to say it in English, except for simply ''Be quiet, please'' again...:confused: (It's amazing how one prefix can alter the whole meaning of a word, isn't it? :D)

    Then we pass onto something more rude. :p The next expression on the ladder of rudeness is: Заткнись! and this is definately more like ''Shut up!''

    Now, unfortunately (or fortunately?) we don't tend to have all of these wonderful insults which you can just insert in the middle of the phrase to make it even more offensive (like ''Shut the hell up!''). But we do, however, have the option of putting these insults on the end of the words. For example:
    ''Заткнись, бля**'' - I'm sorry, for obvious reasons, I can't quite type the whole word in normal letters...:eek: It's incredibly rude (and not much used, admitedly) and the last word on the end wears the general meaning of ''whore'' but you can say it to anyone, really.

    And last but not least, if you really want to put emphasis on the phrase, you could always say something like: ''Да ты заткнёшься наконец или нет?!'' which is like ''Will you shut up?!'' or even ''Will you shut the F*** up?!''

    Well..that's all I can think of this evening. :) I'm sure our dear foreros will be able to offer us a wider range of swearing words :)p) and other marvelous expressions! :D
    Hope it helps!

  3. DerDrache Banned

    Montréal, QC
    Haha, thanks a lot. It's funny how its always so awkward to discuss offensive phrases or insults in a neutral setting.

    One question on the first words though: where does the stress fall? I'm assuming the о (the o in the word, not the preposition) for "Помолчи" and "Замолчи", and the и for"Заткнись!"Is that right?
  4. Crescent

    Crescent Senior Member

    Russian, (Ukraine)
    You're very welcome! :) In fact, it's probably not that awkawrd for others, but I just tend to avoid all kinds of swear words in my spoken and written lexicon, alors...:eek:

    Well, the stress goes like this:
    Помолчи, Замолчи, and Заткнись.
    :) I hope that's clear now.

    And now: a treat. ;) I have just remembered an amazingly funny extract from one of my favourite Russian movies, called ''Человек с Бульвара Капуцынов'' :D I'm sure our native foreros will gladly remember this wonderful movie!
    There's one part in it, where, after the arrival of the main character into an old, wrecked and ruined cowboy town (it's set in America), the society begins to change, and the rough, rude cowboys try and follow this gentleman in his manners, and behave like him...
    In one scene, one of them protests and uses this very famous ''Слушай, да ты зактнёшься или нет?!'' (Ecoute, mais te tairas-tu?!/ Will you shut the f*** up?!)
    And then, another one stands up, half drunk, an waving his finger says: А вот настоящий джентельмен сказал бы: ''Заткнись, пожалуйста...''

    = Shut the f*** up, please...
  5. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    Hi Crescent!

    Minor corrections:
    ''Человек с Бульвара Капуцинов''. (I like this movie)

    ''Слушай, да ты заткнёшься или нет?!''

    Hi DerDrache

    The rude options would be:
    Прикрой/закрой рот! (close your mouth)
    Закрой пасть! (close your jaws)
    Закрой хлебало! (of хлебать to take a sip)
  6. Crescent

    Crescent Senior Member

    Russian, (Ukraine)
    Ah, yes, thank you very much for the corrections, Q-cumber! (as always :rolleyes:;)) I swear the last one was just a typo. :eek:
    And yes, I totally agree: the other options which you gave are definatelt ruder and more in use nowadays (as far as I know, at least.)
  7. palomnik Senior Member

    Interesting thread. I would just like to point out from one foreign student of the language to another that for reasons that I've never really understood, it's not common and in fact as far as I can tell a little ridiculous to use Заткнись in the вы form, i.e, Заткнитесь.

    Which always left me a bit bemused about how you would tell a group of people to shut up in Russian.
  8. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    I am sure it was. ;) I did the correction for the learners' convenience only. Otherwise, I'd not bother.
  9. Maroseika Moderator

    It's not easy to imagine somу real situation. Do you mean the whole group is chatting at the same time?
    Well, no problem then:
    - Заткнитесь!
    - Да заткнитесь вы все, наконец!
    - Так, все заткнулись, слушаем меня.
    - Если не заткнётесь, обижусь и уйду насовсем!

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