be respectful towards (the) natural environment

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  1. Igotit Member

    Basque Country (Spain)
    Hi every body,
    I am not sure about the following sentence: (is the "the" needed)
    "we want to promote a respectful behaviour towards (the) natural environment"
    It´s all about defining/non defining noun...but I can´t see it now.
  2. TurbidTongue Senior Member

    US English, Euro Portuguese
    Yes, for that sentence, you need the "the".
  3. Igotit Member

    Basque Country (Spain)
    Thanks Turbidtongue,
    Have a nice evening.
  4. Dama_J Senior Member

    Hi Igotit.
    I would take out the "a"; it sounds like you just want to promote ONE respectful behaviour (i.e. not littering or something else). Assuming you're speaking more generally, this sounds more natural:

    "We want to promote respectful behaviour towards the natural environment".
    Un saludo.
  5. ellu's New Member

    venezuelan spanish
    is it correct the use of "towards" in this sentence?

    "...and it is also true that having a regular job could make you feel more secure towards the challenges of life."
    or it is better to say " with the challenges of life?

    thank you...
  6. Dama_J Senior Member

    Hi ellu's.

    In your sentence I would not use toward or towards. "with" is OK but it sounds a bit odd to me, i.e. it sounds like you LIKE life's challenges and want to secure them.

    Any of these will work: "about", "in terms of", "with respect to". The first is less formal.

    Espero que te ayude. Un saludo!

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