be saturated with something or be saturate with something

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Do you use "be saturated with something" or "be saturate with something" with the same meaning of "be awash with" and "be indundate with"?
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    "Be saturated". Is this an example of the passive voice or simply be + adjective? Whichever it is, passive requires a past participle, and the adjective derived from 'saturate' is 'saturated'.

    As far as meaning, you're correct. But also be aware that it is "be inundated with" (again an adjective, not an infinitive).


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    jinmin, please provide context for every question. In this case, that means you should provide a sentence or two in which you would use these words or phrases. We can discuss their use and meaning in those sentences.

    If you prefer to use someone else's examples, this will tell you how to find sentences with those words: Finding Examples in Context.

    If you have questions about any of the sentences you find, you can ask them in this thread. (See also: Quoting text from other sources .)

    A note: Please write "something" instead of using the abbreviation sth.
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