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The global supply of oil might be about to shrink, and prices rise. Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister announced on Nov.11 the kingdom would cut its oil production by 500,000 barrels per day in December. In the same month, the 15 nations that make up OPEC will likely confirm a coordinated move to push prices higher. Add the imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran's oil exports that came into force on Nov.5, lower production in crisis-plagued Venezuela and the risk that unrest may lower production in places like Libya and Nigeria, and oil could be set for a rebound.
(Time magazine)
Hi. I have some questions about the underlined sentence.
Firstly, what does “be set for” mean?
Thank you.
  • thetazuo

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    If you're asking about the verb phrase could be set for, then oil is its subject.
    Thank you, grassy. I know that. I mean the rest of sentence doesn’t have a subject. Normally when two clauses are joined by “and”, the two clauses must be parallel. If the “could be set for” has a subject, then the “add ...” part needs a subject too, which is missing.