Be shot away


Yep, I sorta get it. Unfortunately regarding what I do. I just have to “front it” with the buoyancy within normal range if I drift..
Lucky for me with some of the stuff I do. It’s expected of me to be somewhat “shot away.”

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What's " shot away " please?
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  • When my glucose levels go too low or too high, I feel that I cannot adequately perform in social situations. This is to the point that facial expressions become difficult and I just feel like I am there, but often unable to either think or articulate thought. I become a husk of a person.
    The post that OP replied.
    I think it means not 100% present and focussed, in a state similar to someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Someone clearly under the influence of drugs can be described as shot away- I think the person is describing a similar state and uses quotation marks because he’s not actually under the influence of drugs.
    Having read the thread, I think most native speakers would struggle to know what exactly this post means. I stand by my original interpretation for the phrase in question, but the post is extremely poor English, which means that it’s impossible to be sure of an interpretation