be sufficiently sanctified

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I said that God had given women other gifts as well, such as the ones he had bestowed on her. She said what might those be? I said the gift of being able to read, since all Aunts were gifted in that way. She said that the reading the Aunts did was holy reading and in the service of all the things she had said before— she said them over again— and did I presume to be sufficiently sanctified myself?

The Testaments (sequel to The Handmaid's Tale) by Margaret Atwood

What does 'be sufficiently sanctified' mean in this context? sanctified

Thank you.
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    The Aunt is saying that she is trying to be as 'holy' ('sanctified') as she can be, and did the other woman think she was holy enough herself? (Presumably, did she think she was holy enough to question/criticise the Aunt?)
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