Be sure before you marry, wherein to tarry;


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"Be sure before you marry, wherein to tarry"; What does the word tarry mean there? And what's the meaning of that proverb to you people? Cheers;
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    I'm sure your dictionary will say that "to tarry" means to delay, to take your time, not to hurry.
    (Kind of a poetic word that you don't hear in conversation.)
    I've never heard that proverb before, but I imagine that it must mean
    take your time in making an important decision (such as getting married).
    Don't be in a hurry when you make a decision that will affect your whole life.


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    It makes even more sense if you quote it in full. :)

    Before you marry, be sure of a house wherein to tarry.

    Don't get married if you don't have anywhere to stay.

    "Be sure before you marry, wherein to tarry" ---> "Be sure before you marry, where you will live"

    Where did you find your version MoW?
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    Thanks, Biffo. That explains the "wherein", which was puzzling to me.
    "Be sure about the place in which you will stay."
    (I thought it meant "Be sure you are choosing the right partner",
    but "wherein" does mean "in what place".)


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    Cool = )
    Biffo, I have [among many books] an old book of expressions [in english] with equivalents to my language, but they are so old that even my grandma doesn't understand them; rs
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