be trying and try in the main clause

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1"The baby always wakes up when we are trying to go to sleep."
2"The baby always wakes up when we try to go to sleep."
Could you tell me the differences between are trying and try in the case?Is it right that 1 are trying means emphasize the process in the case and 2try means just a general statement ?
What do they mean to native speakers above?
Thanks for your clarification!It really confuses me!!!:confused:
  • bloomiegirl

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    First of all, I'd probably never utter the first sentence; instead I'd say "...when we're trying to go to sleep."

    That said, I think that the two sentences are equivalent or very nearly so. Perhaps the first one ("we're trying..." in my case) focuses slightly more on the process of trying to fall asleep, or on the repetitiveness of this scenario. Or perhaps that's just my personal preference, well, at least today.:confused:

    Oh dear, I don't think I've helped very much.:eek: You probably need to hear from someone who teaches English or knows more about the nuances of English present tenses.;)
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