Be well my friend

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American English
Coucou tout le mônde! :)

Our expression is a parting salutation. I really don't have a clue as to how to translate this farewell (blessing). Que Dieu te benisse ma vieille branche! would be a bit de trop. :D

Thanks & ciao to all!
  • Punky Zoé

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    France - français
    Bonjour tout seul ! ;)

    I suppose it may depend on the context (and it's formality).

    Que dieu te bénisse !
    Porte-toi bien !


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    Langue française ♀
    And « porte-toi bien » works well on this side of the Atlantic, too. ;)

    If the person is leaving say... from a company, or leaving the country and chances are that you won't see him/her, I might say...
    Bonne route ! (and by this, I mean... wherever it leads you, in life... not have a safe trip).
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