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Hello guys I read this sentence in the TED's motto:

"Ideas worth spreading"

Now I have been taught that "worth" needs the verb to be just before.
Therefore, has it been cut short to sound better? Better sonority I mean.
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    <<spreading actua como verbo, de hecho es un verbo en gerundio, por lo que la frase es completa y certera: Ideas que vale la pena difundir>>

    Ooops! I just realized I was answering in the english only forum, sorry for the confusion. I said

    spreading is a verb, so the sentence is complete and acurate.

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    Yes, "worth" is an adjective (or prepositon), so you need the verb "are" to make a sentence.
    This is, however, a motto, and not a complete sentence, but just a noun phrase like:
    "Ideads (which are) worth spreading" or "Ideas (being) worth spreading."


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    gainni21's "Ideas worth spreading" = wind-sky-wind's first proposal, "ideas (which are) worth spreading.", and would be found in a context like "These are ideas worth spreading."; they are ideas which are worthy of being spread/which deserve to be spread.