be worthy of / be worth [consideration; mention]


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Hello :)

Do 'be worthy of' and 'be worth' have the same meaning
and are they changable?
Or is there any differences in usage?

Here are example sentences of them :)

1) The new system is worth consideration.
2) A couple of other books are worthy of mention.

Could sentence 2) be written like this?
-> A couple of other books are worth mention (or mentioning.)

Thank you ;)
  • Harry Batt

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    USA English
    worth and to be worthy do not have the same meaning. They would not be interchangeable. Worth means that something has a virtual price; eg., It is worth the trouble. To be worthy means that something has merit or has earned a right to be special, eg., Yes, that drunken hobo seems worthless, but he is worthy of our public assistance as a human being.

    It is worth mentioning that your sentence << books worth mentioning>> is correct.
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