beached vehicle

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A ragged scrum was charging across the lawn, past the beached Outback.
‘Not until my damn hand’s down on the damn table,’ Van told her beached ATV, and began plodding up the deserted sidewalk toward the sheriff’s.
Maybe it was two miles, maybe three, when the fox led Jeanette around the rear side of a fallen trailer beached in a sea of weeds.
By twos, they departed, as if from the ark beached on Ararat.
Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King

What does beached mean?

Thank you.
  • Myridon

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    beach - Dictionary of English
    to haul run (a boat) onto a beach
    A boat on a beach can't go anywhere. It is stranded on the shore.

    Your first three examples are metaphorical as they are about motor vehicles that have become inoperable or stuck in some way.

    Your fourth example refers to the Biblical story of the Flood and Noah's Ark. The ark was left stranded on top of Mount Ararat when the flood waters subsided.


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    Perhaps the most familiar use of the word is in "beached whale", where a whale accidentally finds itself (literally) stranded on the shore and unable to get back into the sea.


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    This small boat was beached, but probably intentionally with the owner dragging it safely on land:

    This boat was also beached. But from the looks of it, the beaching was unintentional. I believe that "beached" is more frequently used to describe an unintentional beaching:

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