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Emma Neve

Senior Member
Which word would you use for these?
Would "beads" work? Or "glass beads"?
Thank you

PS: we call them "biglie" in Italian... they're used by children in a game.

  • nzfauna

    Senior Member
    New Zealand, English
    In New Zealand (NZ) [is that an accepted abbreviation in this forum?], we do (or did, at least when I was a kid) use the term "cats eye" to refer to a particular type of marble, but not the ones pictured above.

    I'm sure marble names are highly regional (within each school, probably!). For us, cats eyes were opaque black with one thin "cat-pupil-like" line of colouration.


    Senior Member
    British English
    Yes, marbles. As I recall, there were a lot of regional variations in the names of various marbles. We just used to call those particular marbles "marbles", but the opaque white ones with little bits of colour we called "milkies".
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