bear all the pain -and pleasure-


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Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent's Prince Phillip) plays Jonas, a young man who sees flickers of color in the dreary Brave New World of sameness around him. Because of his gift, he's chosen to be the next Receiver of Memories, the one person who bears all the pain—and pleasure—of humanity's past so that the government's status quo can be preserved. *
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I think all the pain and -and pleasure- of humanity's past are the objects of the verb "bear". And my question is how would someone bear pleasure?

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    You are correct - pain and pleasure are the objects.

    To bear in this sense means to carry, to be responsible for. Although it would be unusual to choose this verb with pleasure as the object on its own, the fact that it's combined with pain gives more literary freedom.


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    It would not be confusing for me if I was reading the text just to get the main idea. I am translating it and when it came to that part, I translated it as it should be but then I was like "How would someone bear pleasure?" When translated into Turkish, it does not sound natural.

    To bear in this sense means to carry, to be responsible for.
    That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. :)


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    "Bear all the pain and pleasure" is a similar phrase to "Cope with the ups and downs". Obviously in the latter, you don't really have to cope with the ups, since they're positive. However, managing the differences is the point.
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