Bearded's first ten years at WRF

  • Ten years, indeed -- and this is how it all began:
    I have just entered this interesting forum and would like to say hello to all friends in it.
    From my text book I understand that, when someone is being introduced to you, you should say tasharrafnaa in MSA.
    The meaning of it should be ''we have been honoured'', but since I am one person, would it not be more correct to say ''I have been honoured'' (tasharraftu)? Does this possibility exist in MSA, and how do you usually say ''glad to meet you'' in different dialects? Many thanks in advance.

    Dear @bearded -- I'm so glad that you found WordReference that day to post not only your questions, but so many thoughtful and helpful contributions that have helped many people in various languages. I'd like to thank you in particular for your many valuable contributions to the German forum.

    Cheers 🥂 🎉
    Dear friends,
    I cannot find any adequate thanking words for your new congratulations and your appreciating expressions, as well as your affection, which have touched my heart once again. I can only say that I am so happy to be a member of the WR forums, where I found many 'precious' and affectionate friends (not to mention their linguistic competence!).
    I wish you all a pleasant autumn and happy continuation of your life in good health!
    - bearded -
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