Beat around the bush vs talk around


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What's difference between them?

1) Don't (beat around the bush/talk around) get to the point
2) They're just beating around the bush about the issue /talking around the issue

Thank you in advance
  • Chez

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    'Beat about the bush' is a negative thing: to say irrelevant, disconnected things about the subject being discussed.

    'To talk around' the subject could be used in a negative way but usually has the idea of looking at the subject from different angles, approaching it in different ways ( which is usually a positive thing).


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    To beat around the bush means intentionally evading the main issue / putting off saying what you really mean.

    In my experience, to talk around a subject means much the same — never quite getting to the heart of the issue in a conversation, perhaps because it’s too delicate or painful or embarrassing.
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