beat on the spin [football (soccer)]

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Hello everyone. This is football (soccer). I don't understand the phrase "beat on the spin" here. What does it actually mean?

29' Booking for Otamendi, who is not having a good time in the centre of the Argentina defence.
He over-commits himself into the back of Chicharito, who had him beat on the spin, but was tripped.
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    I am not an expert on football, so this is a bit of a guess.

    He moved too close towards the back of Chicharito to be easily manoeuvrable (over-committed). As a result, Chicharito succeded in avoiding him by turning round (spinning) quickly.


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    who had him beat on the spin, but was tripped.= who (Chicharito) beat him (Otamendi) when he (Chicharito) turned quickly with the ball, but (Chicharito) was tripped (by Otamendi.)
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