beat the crap out of someone

  • Tay

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    Venezuela Español
    Beat the crap out of someone: dar una paliza a alguien.
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    Spanish, Ecuador
    What exactly do you mean with "rayar a alguien"

    Sorry, maybe in my country we don't use that expression.
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    Haha, my bad! :eek: Sorry... I think it's so hard to find good translations because idioms always seem to depend on the country. Anyway, "to beat up" means "pegar [una paliza]" (thanks, Tay!) and when you add "the crap out of", that just gives the phrase some more emphasis and makes it more vulgar. You can also say, "beat the shit out of"... which means that you pretty much pulvarize them. :eek:


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    No it is not vulgar. Although I would not say it to my Gandmother I would say it to anyone my own age. However, Beat the sh.... is quite offensive because of the sh.. word.....Johan


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    Spanish, Mexico city
    What about beat the fail out of someone? That's rude too? Does it mean the same "beat the shit out of" or "beat the crap out of"?


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    British English
    How strong is una 'paliza' because 'beat the crap out of you' A) is an aggressive thing to say to someone B) the idea of 'beating the crap out of you' means that you intend to seriously harm or hurt that person by punching them with a lot of force C) it is a really colloquial 'street' word and I wouldn't ever advise someone to translate in a formal context as 'beat the crap', but maybe a 'thrashing' or even a 'beating'...


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    Argentina, Spanish
    En Argentina se diría: "Le hizo cagar" (a golpes) o con más énfasis, 'le hizo recagar'.
    Cagar: vulg. to sh.t
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    Peruvian spanish
    En Perú diríamos, " Hazlo Cagar " but, it is pretty rude, but you can use it just with close friends.;)
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    Español (México, DF)
    In México "paliza" is not strong enough; better:

    Ponerle una madriza a alguien.
    Ponerle una "madrina", instead of "madriza".


    Darle en la madre a alguien.
    Darle en la "maraca", instead of "madre".


    Ponerle una putiza/unos putazos.


    Ponerle unos buenos madrazos.

    "Trancazos" is a softer and common word.
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    Español Perú
    Un equivalente no muy vulgar sería le dieron una paliza pero si hacemos una traducción un poco más literal, al menos en Perú diríamos

    Le sacaron la mierd...

    Le dieron de alma.
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