beaten path.

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Hello, I have read this expression in voice of america and can't couldn't com to understand it please help me

Her discoveries recieved rewards, though late. She paved the way for younger scientists to grow up in her beaten path.

does it means her interesting scientific background?
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    "Her beaten path" should mean that other scientists have followed in her footsteps. They continue to investigate things that she first discovered. That said, I find the sentence unusual and a little awkward. Using "paved the way" and "beaten path" in the same sentence sounds strange.


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    Owlman has given the explanation, and I just want to say I don't like the sentence either because it uses a mixed metaphor. 'Pave the way' introduces the idea of putting a hard surface on the ground (and therefore making it easier for other people to go that way). 'Beaten path' however introduces the idea of beating down the undergrowth or grass (also making it easier for other people to use that path).

    However, if this is impromptu speech, this might not be so unusual because people mix metaphors when they speak off the cuff.
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