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  1. Toxik Member

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    Hello !

    I'm very attracted by a young russian girl, and I'd just want to know some basic phrases/expressions, in order to look a little clever in russian. All I know in Russian is only the alphabet, have you some basic sentences to teach me, just to simply impress a little this girl please? ;)

    I know some basic words as Pojalusta (please)/Kak diela(how are you)/Kracivaya(beautiful)

    Thanks !
  2. slavic_one

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    Croatian (štokavski, jekavski)
    Pǎžalǔsta (pozhaluysta) - пожалуйста.
    Krasivaja (krassivaya) - красивая. You can also say красавица (krasavitsa). It means a beauty.
    Kak dila? (kak dyila) - Как дела?

    You're very beautiful - Ты очень красивая. / Ты такая красивая.
    I like you - Ты мне нравишься.
  3. Toxik Member

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    Спасибо ! It's sure it will help me !
  4. Toxik Member

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    Does Ты мне нравишься mean a love, or an affection? Because it would be inappropriate if we're not a couple. "Ia Tevia lioubliou" means "I love you', I had read it. (excuse me for not writing it in proper alphabet)
    Thanks for answering ! :)
  5. Maroseika Moderator

    Depends on the context.
  6. Toxik Member

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    Then please, how would you say that you like a girl? I mean : " I feel good spending some time in your company ", but not as far as "I love you", which would be too strong.
    Every answer will be highly appreciated.
  7. Maroseika Moderator

    Мне с тобой приятно (интересно и т.п.) проводить время (общаться и т.п.).
  8. Toxik Member

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    Thanks Maroseika ! Ты мне нравишься seemed too strong :)
  9. nadya_maybe

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    Russian, Belarusian
    Personally, I don't think that "Ты мне нравишься" is too strong. It does not imply any deep feeling, it will simply mean that you are attracted to her, like being with her. If you have spent some time together and enjoyed her company, it is quite OK to say so.
  10. Toxik Member

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    Okay thanks ! Knowing what expression to use for any moment is difficult, moreover i'm a beginner in Russian :)
  11. Fivers New Member

    Just practice. One word when trying can't spoil anything.
  12. Toxik Member

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    Sure ! Actually she may know I'm a newbie in Russian :p
  13. angelg12 New Member

    это описание слова "Красивая" ?
  14. Enquiring Mind

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    Hello Toxik, there's quite a useful site here (source: with a selection of conversational Russian phrases for different situations. (It would be more useful if it showed how the Russian words were stressed, but I think it's aimed primarily as guidance for Russian speakers in conversational English.) The link takes you to the contents (cодержание) page, and section 14 on compliments (Комплимент, одобрение) might be a good place to start for your purposes.

    Having selected your phrases, you could paste them in here (source: and hear something approaching a reasonable Russian pronunciation (the intonation may not be right though) from the lovely Алёна. Let's hope she doesn't steal your heart instead...

    A caveat: some of the phrases on some of the pages are framed as if the words apply to a man, with the masculine forms of nouns, verbs and adjectives. Obviously, if you are speaking to a female, you need the corresponding feminine forms (where they exist) of the nouns, verbs and adjectives.
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  15. Toxik Member

    Français - France
    Thanks a lot, Enquiring Mind

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