beautiful lady or beautiful horse

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    I am trying to name a beautiful little filly. I want to use the French words that mean "beautiful Lady" or "Beautiful Horse". Could anyone please give me the words for both of those phrases. I would like to pick from the two. Thanks so much. Jlady
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    A beautiful lady could just be Belle, beautiful horse is cheval beau
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  4. jlady New Member

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    AWESOME!!! Thank you both so much....the French words are beautiful . Jlady
  5. tilt

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    Welcome to the forum, Jlady.

    Litteraly, beautiful lady is belle dame.

    Beautiful horse is harder to translate, it depends on the age and sex of the horse:
    - Beau cheval for an adult male
    - Belle jument for an female
    - Beau poulain for a young male
    - Belle pouliche for a young female.
    None of them do sound really good as a name, imho, expect maybe pouliche, which also means young woman, but in a not very reverent way (slang).

    May I suggest you to name your filly Belle Demoiselle (beautiful yound lady)? I know there is no horse reference in it, but it sounds so well!
  6. jlady New Member

    USA english
    Belle Demoiselle is I have to re-do the registration forms, but it is worth it! Thanks

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