Beauty Buff 101

translation lover

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Hi, I'm working on a confidential file for Sephora, do you think that those titles in bold are the names of the mirrors thus should not be translated or are they just adjectives describing the nature of the mirrors?

Beauty Buff 101
The purse mirror is the essential beauty accessory for some essential self-reflection at any time of day.

Super slimline purse mirror with one normal glass packaged in a plastic bag with imitation suede pouch.

Thank you
  • owlman5

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    They look like names to me, Translation Lover. I don't what Sephora's policy is, but I'd leave them untranslated if I were working on the file unless I had some really good reason for trying to translate them. "Beauty Buff 101" would probably be especially hard to translate into something intelligible in your target language.
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